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Why Google Cloud Platform Services?

To start with, let me tell you:

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of Cloud Computing Services that sudden spike in demand for a similar foundation that Google utilizes inside for its end-client items. Close by a lot of the board instruments, it gives a progression of cloud administrations including registering, information storage, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


What is Cloud and Why?

Cloud is a series of servers and computers linked through a network owned somewhere on the globe by a third-party vendor like Google, Amazon, Microsoft.

The first question which comes in mind of any

  • What were the limitations with Pre-Cloud Era of IT?
  • Why Cloud Services?
  • Did cloud services solved these problems?

And the answer to all these questions will be covered in here. So, let’s start with it now.

Issues with Pre-Cloud Era


From the above picture it is obvious that the Pre-Cloud World was damaged by issues like:

  • Database security inability
  • Cost Optimization
  • Lack of ability to scale and deal with your servers
  • Delivering powerful and deficiency tolerant gadgets

Cloud computing reduces the user's need for hardware and software. The only thing that users need to be able to run is the configuration program for cloud computing services, which can be as basic a s web browser, and the rest is taken care of by the cloud network provider like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

Cloud has taken care of the following things:

  • The utmost care of data security through the implementation of strict policies
  • Ensures the use of dynamically scalable servers
  • Fast computing and remote access to devices
  • Flexible pricing ensures high cost optimization


Google Cloud Platform Services:

Google Cloud is becoming more & more popular day by day across the globe. The reason is the wide variety of services it offers to its users. Here is the list of them and brief description about each service:

  • Compute Services: Google App Engine (GAE), Compute Engine (CE), and Kubernetes Engine (KE) are the various services provided by GCP for various deployments.
    • GAE is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to deploy various applications developed in Java, PHP etc. It offers the programmed scaling feature, i.e., as the quantity of solicitations for an application expands, the App Engine consequently designates more assets/resources for the application to deal with extra interest & traffic.
    • CE i.e. Compute Engine is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to run various virtual machine or other OS in Google’s Data Centres and implements Load-Balancing Cloud Computing.
    • Google Container Engine is a management system for Docker Containers which is based on the Kubernetes Container Engine.
  • Identity and Security: GCP provides Cloud data loss prevention API which help you to manage sensitive data like credit card details, passport details etc. Also, Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) is a framework which provides policies and technologies to ensure that authenticated people in an enterprise have the appropriate access right to the technology resources. It is also called Identity Management (IdM).

Google Cloud Platform Services

  • Management & Developer Tools: Google Stackdriver and Google Cloud Console App are the management tools provided by GCP.
    • Google Stackdriver provides execution and diagnostics information through logging, monitoring, error-checking, and alarming it to cloud clients.
    • Google Cloud Console App is a mobile application that enables customers to manage the key Google Cloud services. It provides monitoring, modifications, and the ability to perform various actions on resources & configurations via mobile application.
    • Development Tools includes the following
      • Cloud SDK
      • Deployment Manager
      • Cloud Test Lab
      • Cloud Repositories
  • Internet of Things: Google provide Core and Edge services in category of IoT.
    • IoT Core is a completely overseen administration that enables you to effectively and safely associate, oversee, and ingest information from gadgets that are associated with the Internet. It grants usage of other Google Cloud administrations for gathering, handling, examining, and envisioning IoT information progressively.
    • IoT Edge Cloud Edge computing brings memory and computing power nearer to the area where it is required.
  • Big Data Analysis: Big data services provided by Google includes:
    • Google BigQuery is a completely overseen information analysis administration that empowers organizations to break down Big Data. It includes profoundly adaptable information stockpiling, the capacity to perform specially appointed inquiries, and the capacity to share information bits of knowledge by means of the web.
    • Google Cloud Datastore is a completely pattern-less, non-social datastore. It underpins nuclear exchanges and a rich arrangement of inquiry capacities and can consequently scale here and there relying upon the heap.
    • Google Cloud Dataproc is a quick, easy to utilize Spark and Hadoop administration for dispersed information preparing. You can make Spark or Hadoop bunches, estimated for your outstanding tasks at hand accurately when you need them.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Google storage includes services related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, such as:
    • Cloud Machine Learning
    • Natural Language API
    • Jobs API
    • Vision API
    • Translation API
    • Speech API

Why to prefer Google Cloud Platform?

Google is just not only a search engine and the gigantic computational foundation that changes over your words into a rundown of sites that most likely have precisely what you're hoping to discover. Now, Google leases quite a bit of its aptitude and framework to other web organizations. If you are interested to fabricate a cunning site or administration, Google is prepared to charge you to run it on its huge assortment of machines. You should simply begin rounding out some web structures and soon you'll have a major assortment of servers prepared to scale and deal with your tasks.

Google is not only the Cloud service providers in the market, but what makes Google Cloud Platform different?

  • Best Pricing: GCP leads the market in pricing competition with its highly flexible pricing strategy. Compared to other cloud providers, Google offers a massive savings which consists of:
    • usage discounts
    • list price differences

Google Cloud offers the ‘use now, pay later’ policy. Users have to pay only for the services they use. The moment you stop using the services, you stop paying for it.

  • Work from Anywhere: Gain complete access to information across devices from anywhere in the world via web-based applications by Google.
  • Big Data Analytics: You can use BigQuery Services and BigData Analytics to carry out huge analytical practices and can perform ad-hoc queries.
  • Scalability:  GCP provides scale up and down functionality with extreme ease whereas usually scaling down can be an issue with other cloud services.
  • Custom Machines: It is easy to create customized machine types as per the needs with Custom Machine Types. It also provides a good discount on the services of custom machine.
  • Serverless: Serverless is a new technique of computing that provide abstraction by hiding the complexity associated with managing servers for mobile and API back-ends, data processing jobs, databases, and more.
  • Integrations: Easily integrate and use various API’s, Internet of Things and Cloud Artificial Intelligence, cloud machine learning.

Refer the below table for a brief comparison of the three cloud service providers:

Comparison between GCP, AWS & Azure


I Hope, now you are good to go with this information on Google Cloud and its services to start with GCP.

Congratulations! You are not anymore unknown to Google Cloud Platform.


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