Welcome To DigiFreeks

Join a network of various IT skillset experts. Learn and develop with our free training events, free webinars and significantly more. Connect with demand of industry. Develop expertly. Increase your network rapidly.

What is a Digi Freek?

DigiFreeks are member-owned cooperatives...

We do organize offline events, webinars around technologies such as Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Innovations and list is endless.

DigiFreeks are owned and operated by their members. Helping members is the explanation Digi Freeks exist.

DigiFreeks are not-for-profit...

There are no outside investors; DigiFreeks are claimed by the individuals who love to help people in technical zones.

DigiFreeks are volunteer driven...

Our volunteers are chosen by and from our membership. The DigiFreeks philosophy is “people helping people”.

Simply put - DigiFreeks helps you to technical solutions, finding out about market patterns for advances!

Come, grow with us